Don’t make the mistake of just building without checking!

Planning permission for Conservatories

Iconservatory stylesf you are thinking of installing a new conservatory, you may be so interested in finding the best conservatory prices at outset that you may not consider whether your new Lean to conservatory may need to have prior planning permission from your local authority.

There are some ‘headline’ guides that can give you an excellent indication as to whether your Conservatory or Orangery may need to have planning permission and these are the main points:

Planning Permission may not be required for your conservatory if:

  • It is only for domestic use.
  • It’s built at ground level & is single story
  • The total floor area of the room is 30 square Metres or less.
  • There is not a sleeping area.
  • 75% of the roof & 50% of the walls is either glass or a similar “transparent” material (such as poly-carbonate).
  • Doesn’t interfere, or affect, existing drainage.
  • The doors between Conservatory & existing building are external door quality.

Please remember that this is not the full set of guidance and local planning requirements in your area are the ones that will apply and if you need to get planning permission you can expect to see quotes for higher conservatories prices

Always check with your local council before commencing any work and for more detailed general information you can visit the UK planning portal here:



Getting double glazed windows fitted may sound like a long job, however, getting your windows changed does not have to take a lot of time.

case 1Clearly a lot of replacement upvc windows are fitted by residential and commercial property owners because of the positive points that installing that type of window provides. Poorly glazed or single glazed windows very often allow the outside temperature to seriously impact on the internal room temperature, which in extreme cases can cause the inhabitants of a building or a home to become uncomfortable to the point of not being able to use the room.

In larger buildings, temperature regulation is important because the utility bills can be especially high in order to heat or cool the “open plan” room style, especially where there is a lot of window surface to cope with.

The installation of thermally efficient, low emission or “Low-E” Double Glazed Windows represents a good decision for owners of large homes and buildings, especially if they are fitted prior to moving in.

If the windows are glazed prior to move in, you avoid the disturbance to your lifestyle and you can begin to tinker with the temperature and figure out the right settings to make the rooms in the building more comfortable in advance. Once the rooms are more comfortable, you now have the ability to regulate the temperature in a way that will save money on heating and cooling during any season.

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What is the Average Cost of a Double Glazed Door?

Lower the Average cost per fully fitted unit

It’s obvious that any homeowner who is in the market for replacement doors is going to firstly look for a rough guide to prices.

There are many reliable uPVC Front Doors suppliers in UK alone, and it is possible to find a few places where you can shop online.

furniture 2Getting a modern front doors made from UPVC is surely a good idea because, not only are the prices good value for money, this type of reinforced plastic strong, durable, visually appealing and can withstand the worst of the bad weather conditions that mother nature can throw at them.

There are several designs for you to choose from, or you can consider customizing the look to suit your personal taste (Just make sure that the design is suitable for your house).

In case you are not sure what to do, then spend a bit of time to search on the internet or contact a local supplier and see if you can get any good prices.